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This website is dedicated to all those who have been victims of the criminal justice system of British Columbia Canada. In the coming weeks and months the illegitimacy of the courts of B.C. Canada will be exposed and the criminal acts of the judges of those courts and of those court personnel will be presented. Also the existence of a centuries old criminal conspiracy by those judges, a conspiracy whose only purpose was and is to deprive the individuals before those courts of their legal rights, will be exposed. The ATTORNEY GENERAL OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (past and PRESENT) has allowed this conspiracy to be perpetrated on the citizens of Canada and on those individuals before those courts. In the coming weeks and months the precise criminal acts committed by these judges and other individuals will be exposed and I will present the centuries old rights that these judges have suppressed and how to apply those rights to defend yourself against them.

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March 21, 2001

Finally, three transcripts of the trial of Mr. Lalancette on production and possession charges under the Controlled Drugs and Substances act are available. Click the link to get the scoop!


HOT LINKS   Rules and Forms
R. v. Jason Lalancette

This case was initiated on 24 November 2000 with the filing of an information 112479 at Victoria Courthouse. This information was based upon a search of Jason Lalancette's suite - which itself was executed on a warrant which was patently illegal. At the third appearance with my client, an order was granted under S.530 of the Criminal Code for the language of trial: English, the first time such an order has been granted to a person who speaks the same language. click on this underlined link to see the document

There has been a small but concerted rebellion in the ranks of the the judiciary, as can be seen by the actions of a few of these judges to act in defiance of  the criminal conspiracy and to comply with their mandatory administrative functions.

They are a far cry from the hyenas who have shrieked their rage at me and my clients when we have made simple application for  those rights that parliament has deemed mandatory for any accused before these courts. 

Despite the criminal assaults by judge Smith to have the chosen counsel of Mr. Lalancette dragged from the court and his further attempts to have the chosen counsel barred from those courts, one of his fellow judges refused to follow him and allowed full representation by the chosen counsel and granted the landmark order for the language at trial

To put it into full perspective; at that time Judge Smith was the senior administrator for the other Judges at the Victoria Courthouse. He and Judge Ercke and Judge Harvey and the infamous Judge Ramsey   were the driving force behind the "s. 530" Conspiracy. Those four committed criminal acts by definition of s. 126 of the Criminal Code even after the ruling of the Supreme Court of Canada in R.v Beaulac that "the violation of s. 530 is a substantial wrong . Judges palmer and Higinbotham committed their criminal acts before the ruling of the Supreme Court of Canada, while pretending that it wasn't criminal. Judge ehrcke committed her Criminal acts both before and after that ruling.

A few years later Judge Smith was removed from the Victoria Courthouse. I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact that he brought his buddy  Judge Ramsey down from Prince George to do the dirty in the "Holst" case?

Crown Counsel stayed the charges against my client Jason on Feb. 6, 2001 

It is unfortunate that miss Cerny; Jason's co-accused, was intimidated and bullied into pleading guilty. She now has a drug conviction record which will bar her from travelling in the US and some other countries.

The most delightful consequence of this matter was the successful action by Jason to have his pot-growing materials returned to him.

I took great delight in assisting Jason to serve the court order of the Provincial Court of BC on the Central Saannich police ordering them to return his pot-growing materials to him forthwith.

This was the first such order issued in Canada.

Mr. Lalancette's success was based on the "THE CANADIAN BILL OF RIGHTS"  the only Canadian law which actually states that we have the right to own property. It is one of the few legacies of the 1950's conservative government that actually recognized any of our basic rights under common law.

  Provincial Criminal Rules of Court
Rules for proceedings in BC Provincial Courts in Criminal matters

The rules they said they'd never make

They still fall far short of bestowing any proper Jurisdiction for proceedings in the Provincial Court.

Because of that deficiency of jurisdiction, no proceedings past the first appearance of a defendant has any legitimacy.

Because of that lack of legitimacy, the Supreme Court of BC cannot inherit any proper jurisdiction from the lower court. Hence the Supreme Court Has been acting illegaly, and every trial in that court has been the result of a criminal conspiracy to act without proper jurisdiction.

To put it simply, the court system of BC is a reverse pyramid, with the provincial court being the first brick on which all the other complex structures are balanced.

If that brick has no substance, then all the structure above has no foundation on which to exist

    Criminal Rules of the Supreme Court of BC
Rules for proceedings in the BC Supreme Court

The rules were changed in response to Mr. Parsons exposure of the illegality of at least one of those rules: Specifically: rule 63. It was replaced by rule 4 of the new rules of court. It is still illegal

The transcript requirements of the "new rules" are still illegal and have not elevated this court from their criminal conspiracy to pervert and defeat the purpose of the law and deprive those appealing to this court of their legal and constitutional rights. 

    Criminal Rules of the Court of Appeal of BC
Rules for proceedings in the BC Court of Appeal

The transcript requirements of the rules of this court are highly illegal and constitute a criminal conspiracy to pervert and defeat the purpose of the law and deprive those appealing to this court of their legal and constitutional rights. 

    Information Form
For filing Criminal Charges against any person, company or government body

Criminal conspiracy by judges of B.C.
"This is the affidavit of DAVID ALEXANDER PARSONS, As to the direction of the CHAMBERS JUDGE on MONDAY, JUNE 22, 1998"

"...S. 530 is a back door created by Parliament to allow the Judges of B.C. to escape from the criminal conspiracy in which they have been trapped by following the illegal and criminal actions of the OLD PIGS OF THE LAW who have insisted that the law issues from their CAKEHOLE and not from the mouths of Parliament....

...The action of Judge Ehrcke on 14 Jan, 1997 in implying qualifications to an unambiguous and mandatory section of the criminal law of my country and thereby dismissing the application on those fictional grounds, demonstrates the deterioration of these courts to proclaim CAKEHOLE LAW in place of the law of my country....

...As to the OLD PIGS OF THE LAW; you have your CAKEHOLE confused with another part of your anatomy and all that’s issuing fromthere is a bad smell...                                                                                                                    ...   A further manifestation of criminal conspiracy can be found in the proceedings for MANDAMUS before Owen-flood on #91203 (V03001) and in MANDAMUS proceedings before Quiano  on #92278T (V03057).
     In both of these proceedings RULE 63 of the SUPREME COURT RULES of B.C. was enforced to deny those applications for mandamus
     Rule 63 was an attempt by the majority of the judges of the SUPREME COURT of B.C., who promulgated that illegal rule, to pervert and defeat the purpose of the law.


     At the hearing before Owen-flood on #91203 (V03001) 29 JAN. 1997 the argument of Dr. George J. Ivanesko, executive crown counsel victoria, in adversarial response to my application for the remedy of MANDAMUS to compel judge ehrcke to grant my mandatory right for an order under S.530 C.C.;the legal argument??? he resorted to, when Owen-flood appeared to be wavering in my favour, was


     Further at the hearing for MANDAMUS before Quiano on # 92278T (V03057) for a writ to compel Higinbotham to make an  order that the crown make proper disclosure on file # 05192 colwood in accordance with R.V.STINCHCOMBE.
   Before addressing me, Quiano stated to Harold Rusk (crown)
   And Rusk replied
      "IF YOU DON'T, IT WILL OPEN THE FLOODGATES" or words to that effect.

     In the reasons for judgement Quiano stated


In the above excerpts from two Affidavits, the Judge Quiano was misspelled: I believe the proper spelling is Quijano.

I did not correct the spelling in order to maintain the integrity of the documents. It has also been posted on the dockets as Qiano: These Judges often have their names mispelled or even erased from the dockets when they hear that they will be sitting before me.

They know their names will be up on my website with the description " Criminal " when they violate the law.

  Judge EHRCKE commits criminal act
Submission January 22, 1997 
This is an appeal to Justice Owen-Flood from the refusal of Judge Ehrcke to grant an order under S.530 of the Criminal Code.

This was an application for a WRIT OF MANDAMUS .

Mandamus is an ancient extraordinary remedy, which was and is, the only real recourse we the common people had, and now have back again, to defend ourselves against any Criminally minded or merely incompetent judge or other judiciary who violates our rights under law.

There is no other mandatory remedy available to us.

The remedy of Mandamus was firmly entrenched in the criminal law of Canada in historical times to ensure that the judicial system would not degenerate into a police state.

In 1972 the Supreme Court criminal rules of BC proclaimed that Mandamus had been abolished

This was a declaration of the POLICE STATE OF BC; the doors of the Supreme Court were officially barred from any Appeal by Mandamus to remedy any wrongdoing by the Provincial Court.

I didn't knock on that door; I just kicked it in, because I had a right to be there. I had to kick that door in three times before those judges finally backed down and cried uncle.

I took that lifeless corpse those judges had murdered and breathed life back into it, and now,


To be fair and honest, I must report that it was Justice Owen-Flood who first broke from the Mandamus Conspiracy When He shouted at Harold Rusk on my third assualt on that conspiracy: 


The Court of Appeal had pretty well conceded by that time that I HAD AN ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO APPLY FOR MANDAMUS. 

Poor Harold Rusk; These legal hitmen the Attorney General hires to take me on, like some ancient gunslingers, all make the same mistake: they can't conceive that someone who looks like me could ever beat them and the entire Juggernaught of the law behind them.

Poor Harold: His name is now forever tied to the Mandamus Conspiracy

As Harold once said to me, " that's  the story of my life " when I asked if he ever got disgusted with what he was doing.

I told Harold " Someday, I'm going to publish the story of your life

Application for an Order of Mandamus
Reasons for Judgement Sept 20, 2000 
Order to compel J.P. Holmes to issue process on a 27-Count Indictment naming the Attorney-General of BC and various Court personell (Judges) is refused. Currently, this denial is under appeal in the Court of Appeal of BC.

[1] Mr. Parsons applies for an order in the nature of mandamasto compel Justice of the Peace Peter Holmes to issue process in respect of a 27 count information ["the information"] Mr. Parsons swore May 18, 2000, before Holmes JP under this court file number. The style of cause above is not that which appears on Mr. Parsons' hand written Notice of Application dated September 14, 2000. 

"E.R.A. Edwards, J."
The Honourable Mr. Justice E.R.A. Edwards

October 16, 2000 -- Memorandum to the Legal Publishers issued as directed by Mr. Justice Edwards advising that on the first page of the Reasons for Judgment, the style of cause should read: 

"An Application for An Order of Mandamus"


  An appeal from the criminal acts of Judges Higinbotham and Ehrcke
Submission to the Court of Appeal June 19, 1998 
An appeal from the order of Justice Owen-Flood of the Supreme Court dismissing an application for Mandamus to compel Judge Ehrcke to reverse her dismissal of the plaintiff's application for an order under S.530 of the Criminal Code.

Justice Owen-Flood dismissed the application on the grounds that the Rules of court of the Supreme Court of BC had abolished Mandamus as a mandatory hearing under Criminal Law and had replaced it as a discretionary hearing under civil law.

As You can see from the adjacent column   the Supreme Court has reversed itself 180degrees and has effectively declared it's own rules of court illegal.

"An Application for An Order of Mandamus"

Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada
Feb. 1999 
Regarding the criminal conspiracies of the Court of British Columbia. This appeal was submitted to the Supreme Court of Canada in February of 1999. Unfortunately the proper notice had not been given to the attorney-general of BC and the appeal was returned with instructions to properly notify before re-applying. Since then the Provincial Court has made some of the Rules that were demanded. This appeal will be re-submitted in the near future becuause the courts of BC have continued to refuse to properly reform themselves. Becuase of their lack of co-operation, the criminal charges and indictments that I have refrained from bringing have been proceeded with.
   Rules of Court
People are forced to proceed in BC Provincial Criminal Courts without knowing the rules those courts have made: 

"7. On Sept. 4, 1997 I presented a letter undated to manager, Court Services Colwood, in which it was requested that these court services direct me to where the Criminal Rules of Court for the provincial courts pursuant to S. 482 could be found. I received a letter dated Sept. 10, 1997 from said Court Services (J.P. Adams) directing me to LAW LIBRARY Victoria Courthouse Burdett Ave. In my extensive research I discovered that there are no official criminal rules for provincial courts in B.C."

Since Mr. Parsons' challenge in the Court of Appeal on the lack of rules for Provincial Courts, the courts have made some of those very rules.

Justice Owen-Flood has joined the Rebellion.
 He has reversed himself 180degrees and has granted the first writ of Mandamus to a non lawyer. I guess He got disgusted with the Criminal Conspiracy forced on him by the AGBC and the criminally minded judges who attempted to abolish Mandamus. Harold Rusk looked rather sick when Owen Flood ignored him and granted me a writ of Mandamus to compel Justice of the Peace Allison Holmes to issue process against Corporal Mielke of the RCMP for Perjury.
Click here to see his JUDGEMENT
A rather sad chapter in the story of Harold's life.
He shouted at Owen-Flood "you have no jurisdiction";
Owen- Flood shouted back at him "What jurisdiction don't I have, show it to me"
Harold and the AGBC decided to show their contempt for this Supreme Court Judge and for the Supreme Court itself  for defying their Criminal Conspiracy. Harold and the AGBC stayed the charges that were ordered by Mandamus: A spit in the face of the Supreme Court
Click here to see the STAY OF PROCEEDINGS
Another sad chapter in the story of Harold's life

If you don't believe these Judges could be as criminal as I say they are, just look at what one of their best has been up to;

Beating and Raping young girls before his court.

Click on the pic to get the skinny on the disgusting Judge Ramsey

This is one of the more stupid ones. They've been covering this up for a long time, but the lid has finally blown off. They brought this judge down from Prince George to do the dirty in the "Holst" case. He denied and refused my client's mandatory right under s. 530. (1) and committed what the Supreme Court of Canada euphemistically refers to as"A SUBSTANTIAL WRONG" in R v Beaulac. It don't take no genius to figure out what his owners had on him. After I brought criminal charges against Judge Harvey of the Provincial Court for denying the order, none of the judges in Victoria would do the dirty in the Holst case, so they brought this creature down from Prince George. He had been under investigation for four years for "beating and raping young girls before his court" and the chief judge claimed that he had been ???unaware of the investigation???. After he had done the dirty in the "Holst" case the Crown dropped 5 of the charges against him. Was that deal made before or after he did the dirty in the Holst case? I guess he wasn't too worried about me bringing criminal charges for just a "substancial wrong" in the Holst case, especially since He, the crown and everyone to do with the prosecution bent over backwards to acquit my client.


This is just one of the Judges who have committed criminal acts against the people I have represented and against the criminal justice system itself.These judges have been involved in the ongoing criminal conspiracy to violate the most fundamental duty of every judge of every criminal trial court in Canada. For over a century and a half , and for the entire history of our country, they have been required to be Courts of Record. Their Mandatory administrative duties as Courts of Record have been spelled out explicitly in Royal Proclamations and in our Constitution and in our Acts of Parliament. These unelected people have attempted to overturn the criminal law of my country by simply ignoring our criminal law and substituting their "CAKEHOLE LAW" police state in it's place.

Click here to see their fraud and extortion.



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